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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Unidentified Flying Pork Chops

I guess the very poor should be dancing with joy hearing about the support mechanism that puts them in such a good circumstance that they no longer deserve the attention of our government. The sad irony is that the GOP is focusing its fire precisely on this support mechanism that is supposed to do these wonders to the very poor. Mitt `I'm running for President for Pete's sake' Romney conveniently forgot to include in his boneheaded statement his endorsement of Paul Ryan's budget proposal which will destroy once and for all these welfare barrons.

People are entitled to believe in many things, such as, on a bright and clear day one can see pigs fly. This does not mean they will, but Mr. Romney and his wealthy backers are banking on the fact that  many people believe in unidentified flying pork chops.

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