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Monday, December 20, 2010


Mr. Placinta,  the furry   creature in the picture, lives in a  newspaper kiosk

A heavy beautiful poem. Hat-tip to my friend Calin

By Srikanth Reddy

Then the pulse.
Then a pause.
Then twilight in a box.
Dusk underfoot.
Then generations.

Then the same war by a different name.
Wine splashing in the bucket.
The erection, the era.
Then exit Reason.
Then sadness without reason.
Then the removal of the ceiling by hand.

Then pages & pages of numbers.
Then the page with the faint green stain.
Then the page on which Prince Theodore, gravely wounded,
is thrown onto a wagon.
Then the page on which Masha weds somebody else.
Then the page that turns to the story of somebody else.
Then the page scribbled in dactyls.
Then the page which begins Exit Angel .
Then the page wrapped around a dead fish.
Then the page where the serfs reach the ocean.
Then a nap.
Then the peg.
Then the page with the curious helmet.
Then the page on which millet is ground.
Then the death of Ursula.
Then the stone page they raised over her head.
Then the page made of grass which goes on.

Exit Beauty.

Then the page someone folded to mark her place.
Then the page on which nothing happens.
The page after this page.

Then the transcript.
Knocking within.

Interpretation, then harvest.

Exit Want.
Then a love story.

Then a trip to the ruins.
Then & only then the violet agenda.

Then hope without reason.
Then the construction of an underground passage between us.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Back in Snowy Indiana

A bit confused,  but things are becoming  swiftly familiar again.

Monday, December 6, 2010

An alternative to Amazon

Goggle has oppened its ebook store.   What's nice, is that you can use  almost any  device to read those books,  except you guessed, KINDLE. Even better, and you can purchase them from many sellers, including independent ones including

Powell's Books


and many indie bookstores